About Me

Hello! And welcome to my little shop.

I'm Sara and I'm the one woman show behind Black Cedar Ceramics. I've always been a very creative person, dabbling in many different mediums, but this particular journey started when I took a pottery class in 2011. It came very intuitively to me and I immediately fell in love.

Unfortunately pottery takes up a ton of time and space and I wasn't able to devote that until the autumn of 2017. Right away, again, I was hooked! Over time I've been falling in love with the process as I further develop my style.

The name Black Cedar was chosen because I feel that it embodies two different sides of my personality. Black - Nearly all of my clothing is black, I feel most creative at night, and I'm intrigued by the darker sides of life and beauty. And Cedar - The forest is one of my favourite places, and I appreciate plants for the deep medicine that they are.

I put great care and attention into each piece, fine tuning the tiny details. They all start with an idea, then it is wheel thrown, trimmed, handled, carved, bisque fired, hand painted, waxed, glazed, fired again, sanded, photographed, and listed here for you, with heart in every step.

I understand these pieces to be vessels for your nourishment and for that they are infused with love. A sacred vessel.

Thank you for coming around, please enjoy.